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Yoga classes in the Upper North Shore.

Thinking about trying yoga but not quite sure where to start? Come try out a home studio class on Tuesday morning or Thursday evening and see if you like it. These classes are pay as you attend and cost $20.

General Classes

These classes are suitable for everybody from beginner to practiced. Classes run for 75 minutes beginning with a centering exercise/breath awareness, warm up stretches, posture work (asanas), finishing with a breathing practice (Pranayama) and relaxation/meditation. My classes vary in content every week to work on different parts of the body and to introduce different concepts to keep the focus fresh. Postures start out basic and can be graduated to intermediate/advanced depending on the student's ability. Sometimes props are used such as straps, blocks and blankets, all equipment is provided at classes held in my Home studio.

Pre-Natal Yoga

In 2012 I completed the 100+ hour Pre and Post Natal Diploma with IYTA. When there is enough demand I can offer a specialised pre-natal class on Thursdays in my home studio. These classes are designed to be safe for women who are 12 weeks pregnant all the way through to labour. I specifically cover breathing techniques that can be useful during labour and be used throughout pregnancy. Yoga postures are modified to suit the changing mother's body and incorporate positions useful for labour. Relaxations are tailored to encourage the bond between mother and child and bring about a state of peacefulness. Pre-natal Yoga is about taking the time to nurture yourself and your baby in a holistic way. Classes run for 75 minutes. I am currently not running a dedicated pre-natal class but students are welcome to attend my general hatha classes.

Yoga for Teenagers

Since 2006 I been teaching Yoga to High School students from Years 8 to 12. Over 2013/14 I completed the Zenergy Yoga for Kids Foundation, Advanced and Therapy courses to further specialise in Yoga for Teenagers. I teach not only the physical postures but also like to touch on the mental and emotional aspects of a teenagers life and give them tools for stress relief and the opportunity to relax. I am available to teach in local High Schools.

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